So, today is the day.

I have posted a few photos already today of things I made to prepare myself for this day to come. However, this just seems like every other Monday where I have to eat clean again because over the weekend I ate like shit. This weekend was probably even worse than other weekends because every meal was like the last supper. And in all honesty, I know by now how those foods (Thai food, ice cream, bread, etc.) make me feel, like crap yet, I eat them.

This is why I think this challenge will be good for me because it at least for 6 weeks gives me an excuse not to eat them. For the next 6 weeks I can at least tell my friends and family that the reason I am not eating that is because of this challenge. Who knows what will happen after that but, at least for the next 6 weeks — leave me alone, I am not going to eat that.

The only exception is when I celebrate Halloween on the 26th and I go with a bottle of grain free Vodka. Don’t worry, I will of course drink it with soda water.

To finish out day 1, I will be making Almond Butter Chili. It is amazing – you can find the receipt here:
I have made it before and it is great for lunches or on the go.

Here is the receipt for the sausage and onions: Awesome and a great use of the all the jalapenos I need to use up!



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